Literacy and india

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Proud to be keraliteranking again or emerged again to the first rank among states in literacy while Andhra pradesh featured at the bottom of the list  in the day of international literacy day . Kerala with 96.2 percent and Andhra pradesh with a rate of 66.4 percent. Indians with a mixture of culture and different languages from south to north west to east everywhere they kept their own Indian identity. Among a number of metropolitan cities in india kerala stood upfront in the list of literacy.  

According to the study held by officials, we may find  after Kerala, Delhi was the best, its  literacy rate is at 88.7 per cent, followed by Uttarakhand’s 87.6 percent, Himachal Pradesh’s 86.6 per cent and Assam’s at 85.9 per cent. However Kerala had fixed its position too far from the second. Kerala was noticed by world news in the time of flood and survival. Even if the central government always creates obstacles to the independent growth of my state, not an allegation, I have some examples and proof. That they asked kerala to give back the fund, which the central government  offered in the time of flood… as a central governing body they hadn’t treated us well

Get back to literacy. On the other hand, Rajasthan is the second worst performer with literacy rate at 69.7 per cent, followed by Bihar at 70.9 per cent, Telangana at 72.8 per cent, Uttar Pradesh at 73 per cent and Madhya Pradesh at 73.7 per cent.The study has pegged the overall literacy rate in the country at about 77.7 per cent. In rural areas, the literacy rate is 73.5 per cent compared to 87.7 per cent in urban areas of the country.

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