You have a great life in front. Never give up while you are facing obstacles. As a freelancer start hustling sending proposals. Hope is the only rope that leads him forward. There are plenty of ways to sharpen your talent.Let’s count them down, content writing, copy writing, data analysis and documentation,video editing, logo making, poster designing, web developing, and creative  writing. List never ends.

Post-covid period shall be competition of multi talented people. Each and everyone had turned aside from their safe zone and started to learn each day each skill. Multi skills shall be the king always and post covid period will face an unrelenting stream of talented people. Unfortunately the fucking nepotism will remain till the humans are managing work areas. When you start your journey to be successful no one is coming with you because success won’t come at one day while common people are paying time for frequent results. 

Everything takes time your attention is the only key. Stay focused, great things take time, you may Neil Patel, The successful person who I admired.

Start your exploration on the platforms for freelancers and placing bids or sending proposals on up work, freelancer, guru, internshala, fiverr and truelancer. 


It has a modest structure for a beginner. Sending proposals are less complex. But I say here it’s competition. Don’t worry about the competition every where you finds competition there is a way for hustlers, nothing trustworthy would come to hand for free. Face it and understand hurdles are to jump forward and keep them behind. That is all about competition. Genuine profile and patience will give you the dream project. Less people have easy patience but there is no another way. freelancer cover various facets graphic designing, SEO and content marketing, logo and poster designing includes thumbnail creation and so on. Here you find a limit number of bids to place at a time and you can start browsing more projects and earn money through online. 


There are multiple choices for a freelancer to get engaged in sending proposals keeping himself in patience finally updating himself. Here it’s creating gigs, where many freelancers are offering their services from all over the world in fiverr. Mainly two sessions are here buying session and selling session. Both might be useful for you while you’re searching for someone in online to accompany with your business promotion. Sell you skills to get back financial independence.

Mobile app is also available for you while you’re interested in play store. But personally I prefer fiverr website because I found some challenges in the app, feature problems. When I installed it I automatically added into buyer session and totally confused to switch into selling session. Then I started to browse in website it was pretty good for me. Finally started creating gigs. 


Is an authentic platform for freelancers to get their job. You shall find the details of projects and send your proposals to it. Exactly designers are most welcomed to Guru platforms. Where you get more clients and start working on trust. 


Beginners always prefer to get noticed by less competed platforms and here you have Truelancer which is accessible for beginner. Less competition is the main factor. Just go and try yourself. One thing should remember this locked down had hustled every freelancing platform. 


Dear designers you are very welcome to t spring. It’s an authentic platform for selling your designs for t shirts. There your clients shall come and buy your deign. Tip prefer to design like yoga and karate t shirts those are such an area where customers need their designs and always focus on a particular group of audience and try to get their attention. Just topographies simply conveying message can be attracted by your customers. Wait your works shall give you fortune.

Tip 2- Don’t worry if you aren’t a good designer go and sign in Canva where you find hundreds of designs and you custom any of them in your way. stop reading and sign in there and kindly come back and continue reading. The time and opportunity are siblings never wait for you.


You are lucky to send unlimited proposals and possibly able to get notified if you are genuine with your skills. Internshala helps you to add the draft of your previous proposal to current proposal and start editing with relevant skills regarding to job description. There are many features in internshala to learn and sharpen your skill and get certified to your talents. That is pretty good.

Here you shall entertain with some tips which shall more useful for you in any way to send proposals.

Tip one ; Read job description carefully and mention the name of sender in the job proposal, prefer to address them by that name.

Tip two; Create samples of your job proposals related to your skills. It would ease you to send proposals. Just copy and paste the crux of your indeed details but never forget to add relevant updates to make it  unique.

Keep in mind there is a world and life after this locked down almost of the works and livelihood just turned to the home and internet. Here we found six web platforms which are widely used among freelancers to get hired and get their job.

Published by RAUF TP

22 year old graduated from university of calicut with BA English literature and diploma in convergent journalism... Locked down wasn't a fair experience to most of us. but luckily i was blessed to restart writing in blog and I hope both are pretty helpful to me in learning new skills and share with you some of my thoughts. lastly Am thankful to you to read these lines. feel happy to share blog to your friend circles.. let them light up..


  1. Well, UpWork (previously Elance and oDesk) were great places to start. But now, the competition seems to be so tough, that newbies would probably suffocate out. Thanks to the brimming crowd of Freelancers, the actual talented ones, who probably deserve a fair chance, often go unnoticed.


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    1. Exactly…competition touched its peak level… Because for those who won’t have star rankings they should be forced to work for law prices and gain ranks…where clients looking for good and fine freelancers…I agree there is competition beginning level… Yes it is…


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