Mistakes in the plans are lessons, Unique lessons are keys of success…so never fail to plan.

It is all about you and me, just drive yourself, find your way and you are your guide. Happy journey…


Start a journey to the corner of world with food of letters is natural but to get someone in the midway and feed them also is divine. I like Divinity..



Exactly I don’t know how to drive in your way and in your road let me know. But don’t worry about my way and my road. I am the master of myself until I met my Guru.


Experience is the place where I found myself in mistakes. But recurrent choices made me unstoppable. Sorry I am not boasting, but it’s the way of speaking here. ‘But honest’.

  • Start a blog.
  • How to start as a beginner? Fell down first and run away.
  • A smile of the winner keeps hundreds of weeping sounds under the lips.

No one is going to love you unless you love thyself.

Kerala fighter.


Success is a narrow place between our past plans and achievements.

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Find me in odd places. Literature enthusiast. working in freelance journalism exploring new challenges within the dawn and dusk. You don’t think i am still writing and researching contents. but think genuinely LIVING ON WORDS

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